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DESIGN FEES All websites are uniquely designed for your business. All fees are based on the amount of content, graphics, photos and CGI/PHP scripts contained in you website.Rates are based on a variety of cost factors. One type of site may be more complex than another.All quotes are based on per page and content including amount of text, graphics and photos.Initial website design fee includes a custom layout and structure of a site.Fees include full support during and after development.

Typical Website Design Costs

# of Pages1 – 55 – 89 – 1515 – 20Typical Cost$250 -500$500 – 975$825 – 1250$1250 – $1900Databases, Scripts and Graphics : $20 and up

(Look at some websites that offer similar services as your business to get an idea of the number of pages you’ll need!)

Consultation is free.

After learning your website requirements, we will be able to give you an estimate. Once the estimate is accepted, a deposit of one-half the design fee is required. We will then construct a website draft for you to review. On approval of the website homepage draft, we will complete the development of your site. Balance of website fees will be due on completion of your website.

Note: WebTheWoodlands.Com’s clients can get their website hosting and domain registration from another provider if they choose.


WebTheWoodlands.Com offers website maintenance and updating to their clients and others at a rate of $45/hour. We bill on a monthly basis.

We offer a quick turnaround on website updates.

Updates are usually completed within 24 to 48 hours (except on holidays or weekends)

Having us maintain your website gives you the time needed to run your business instead of spending that time maintaining your website.

WDL – Site Maintenance

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